Brother Thierry-Marie Courau, a French Dominican priest, is Professor of Fundamental Theology at the Institut Catholique de Paris in France. A former engineer and financial officer, he joined the Dominican Order in 1990. He presented a thesis in Catholic Theology, focusing on the study of the three Bhavanakrama of Kamalashila, at the University of Strasbourg in France in 2004. After a year of travels in Buddhist regions, he began teaching at the Institut Catholique de Paris and became Director of the Institute of Science and Theology of Religions, and then Dean of the Theologicum. His publications focus on dialogue between irreducible singularities, Buddhism, religions, Christian salvation, and management. His latest book, Les fontaines de l’éveil (The Fountains of Enlightenment), is a novel on Buddhist and Christian dialogue. Brother Thierry-Marie Courau is also President of the Conference of Catholic Theological Institutions of the International Federation of Catholic Universities, and member of the Council for Interreligious Relations of the Bishops’ Conference of France. He is Vice-President of Concilium International Journal for Theology.