Rafael Ebner is a yoga teacher working independently in Vienna, Austria. He has previously worked as a lawyer and event-manager. He started out practicing Hatha Yoga in Vienna 1990, and explored the Ashtanga Yoga style as an avid practitioner for the next decade. In 1999, he received his first yoga teacher certification by David Swenson, and started teaching groups and individuals. Rafael’s first contact with Yin Yoga happened in 2005 and marked a distinct change in his yoga practice, a transition from the dynamic and powerful Ashtanga style to the gentle and subtle approach characteristic to Yin Yoga. In 2011 and 2012 he received training and certification by Paul Grilley and Bernie Clark, both leading proponents of Yin Yoga and since then practices and teaches this approach to yoga. In addition to teaching yoga, Rafael is part of the NGO "Hands with Hands" supporting self-sustainable help projects in Nepal, and is involved in several projects in the areas of meditation, self-exploration and alternative living.