Power and Care is a two and a half day Mind and Life Dialogue of leading experts with His Holiness the Dalai Lama. The Dialogue includes perspectives of the natural sciences, anthropology, psychology, politics, economics and the world’s contemplative traditions.


Power & Care includes five sessions, from Friday, September 9th morning to Sunday, September 11th noon, 2016.


The Friday and Saturday afternoon sessions were followed by workshops.


A performance was offered on Friday evening: "Birdheart", by Julian Crouch and Saskia Lane (with paper puppets), followed by a piano recital by Maria João Pires.

© Jill Steinberg

© Jill Steinberg

Julian Crouch and Saskia Lane's "Birdheart" is an intimate and stunning chamber piece of animated theatre with a sheet of brown paper and a box of sand. A show about transformation, loneliness, and the urge to fly, "Birdheart" holds a hand-mirror up to humanity and offers it a chair. Through a series of animated images built in front of the audiences' eyes Birdheart creates something achingly beautiful from the humblest of beginnings. 

© Martin Beiling

© Martin Beiling

In addition to her concerts, Maria João Pires recorded for Editions Erato for fifteen years and has recorded for Deutsche Grammophon for twenty years. Ms. Pires devotes herself to the consideration of art’s influence on life, the community and education, seeking to discover new ways to implement these teaching methods in society, through new forms of transmission that respect the development of the individual and of cultures.


English is the working language of the event. There is no translation into other languages.