Rabbi Awraham Soetendorp is an award winning human rights advocate, lecturer, writer, environmental activist and champion of civil society worldwide. Born in 1943 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Rabbi Soetendorp was saved by a righteous couple. He received his ordination from Leo Baeck College of London in 1967 and was instrumental in the reestablishment of Jewish communities in the Netherlands. Rabbi Soetendorp is the founder and president of the Jacob Soetendorp Institute for Human Values in the Netherlands, a founding member of Green Cross International, and the founder and chair of the Day of Respect Foundation, as well as the Hope for Children Fund. He serves as an Earth Charter Commissioner and a Millennium Development Ambassador, and is a founding member of the Islam and the West dialogue group of the World Economic Forum. He has received the Peacebuilders Award from The Alliance for International Conflict Prevention and Resolution, and the "Peace Through Dialogue", Interfaith Gold Medallion from the International Council of Christian and Jews.